This section of the API documentation is intended to provide an inventory of Bluzone APIs for access to Bluzone Cloud’s API enabled services. These services include Beacon, Blufis, Templates, Policies, History, and Location Services.

REST API Documentation 


Bluzone REST API Authentication 

Bluvision's REST API requires a valid Bluzone API Key be added to each API request using a HTTP Header Variable.  This HTTP Header Variable should be named “BZID” and be assigned your project's unique 50 character API Key.  This API Key is located within your account profile.  Your account profile can be accessed by clicking on your username located in the master navigation on Bluzone portal.  All Bluzone API Keys are assigned to a specific/single Bluzone project and NOT shared across a Bluzone account.

Example Requests Bluzone REST API

Request URL:<YOUR_PROJECT_ID_HERE>/devices/beacons

Request Type: GET

HTTP Headers: 

  •     BZID: <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>   

Response JSON

[{"deviceId": "12345678901234567","projectId": 0000"name": "BEACON 1"...... }]

More Examples

Get Project Details

  -H 'bzid: <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>'

Get List of Beacons

curl -X GET \<YOUR_PROJECT_ID_HERE>/devices/beacons \
  -H 'bzid: <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>'

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