Condition Monitoring

The HID Condition Monitoring solution is an end-to-end vibration and temperature monitoring system, which includes monitoring hardware, data transmission hardware, cloud storage, analytics, alerting, and user interface/ visualization.  The condition monitoring solution leverages bluetooth low-energy (BLE) beacon technology to provide continuous visibility and long battery life.  The BEEKs CM v2 beacon has a high-bandwidth accelerometer that takes vibration readings once every two minutes (default setting, configurable) and transmits data to Bluzone cloud (through gateways, may be AC BluFi or DC BluFi) where it is stored and analyzed.  

The following sections walk through basic setup and installation, policy configuration, Bluzone UI navigation, vibration background and theory, deployment troubleshooting, and advanced configuration.

1. General Setup and Installation

To get started, use the PDF Installation Guide and walk through the steps from start to finish.  This will take you through everything from account creation to hardware provisioning to physical installation.  After the installation is complete, for more detailed information on policy setup, navigating Bluzone, and advanced configuration, see Sections 2-6 below.  If you run into issues with connectivity during or after the installation, refer to the troubleshooting pages in Section 4.

The following are links for the installation guide/ tutorial, as well as some additional details on epoxy and mounting recommendations:

2. Policy Creation and Configuration

Bluzone's Policy feature allows you to create custom alerting for the beacons.  After you have successfully configured and installed beacons and BluFi, you can create policies that automatically analyze data and send notifications.  The following policies in Bluzone are useful with the BEEKs CM v2 beacon:

  • Motion Condition: machine learning model that learns a beacon's baseline vibration level, then generates an alert when the vibration deviates from this significantly for a sustained period of time
  • Vibration Threshold: generates an alert when a beacon's vibration level goes above a defined threshold
  • Temperature Threshold: generates an alert when a beacon's temperature goes above or below defined thresholds
  • Battery Voltage: generates an alert when a beacon's voltage is low

3. Navigating Bluzone

The following tutorials show some of the features of Bluzone that are helpful for condition monitoring with the BEEKs CM v2 beacon:

  • Statistics Charts: view temperature and vibration data, as well as other metrics like RSSI and battery voltage
  • Change Units: change units of measure for temperature (Celsius/ Fahrenheit) and vibration (g, in/s, mm/s, etc.)
  • Condition Monitoring Alert Dashboard: dashboard and charts for visualizing the details of vibration and temperature alerts
  • Firmware Updates: update BEEKs CM v2 beacons to the latest available firmware

4. Deployment and Network Troubleshooting

If provisioning of a BluFi is unsuccessful or if connectivity issues persist after deployment, please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Deployment Guidelines and Troubleshooting: recommended practices for condition monitoring deployments and tools for troubleshooting beacon-to-BluFi connectivity via bluetooth
  • Network Troubleshooting: list of supported security protocols and network requirements for troubleshooting BluFi-to-Bluzone connectivity via WiFi

5. Advanced Configuration

The default configuration settings given in the installation guide are suitable for most applications of monitoring rotating or reciprocating machinery, especially when using the Policies available in Bluzone.  If, however, you have a custom application that requires different configuration settings, you may be able to configure the hardware to the desired settings by using the following tutorials:

6. Support

If you are not able to solve your problem or answer your question with the documentation on this page, you may find it helpful to check the Bluzone System Status page or contact our support team:

  • Bluzone System Status: check the current status of Bluzone and see upcoming maintenance and/ or updates
  • Support Portal: contact our support team by submitting a ticket (please provide as much information as possible, including project ID, beacon/ BluFi ID, policy ID, screen shots, etc.)

7. Additional Condition Monitoring Product Information

     Product Specifications and Datasheets

     Condition Monitoring Use Cases, Background and Theory

  • White Paper: cost-effective predictive maintenance enabled by HID Condition Monitoring with real-world example
  • White Paper: HID Condition Monitoring Deployment Starter Kit – getting started with a deployment
  • Video - AI and Edge Computing: video discussing the use of artificial intelligence and edge computing in condition monitoring

     Security and Compliance Documentation

     Bluzone Integration into Third-party Platforms